Thursday, June 11, 2009

Spring 2 Summer Wakeboard Tournament

So not only was it my movie premier release party on the weekend, but the annual Wakefactory "Spring 2 Summer" wakeboard tournament. Lake Guntersville changed from fishing boats to towered wakeboard boats and party central for June 6 and 7. There was a huge range of riders from under 10 years old to 70 years old! 

Special thanks to Michael Traylor, Kevin Middleton, and Casey for taking pics over the weekend. For once I barely had a camera in my hands because well...I wanted to celebrate since my movie was done. There's a couple in here i shot, but most of them are the other dudes. Thanks guys

The most talented 10 year old kid you'll ever meet. Ben Watts

Rob Corum

The 70 year old wakeskating slayer!


Michael Meads

Essi's love baby


Jonny's ride

Whoda thunk Will Smith likes to wakeboard?!

HIGH five

Going, going...GONE

We may or may not have had a dance party on the boats...

Yup, that just happened

Up close n personal with Thurman James Allen!

The limited edition Who? shirt. ONE made, ONE lost

Rob Corum

Phillip Aslinger

Pretty sure thats Matt Sims

Alex Graydon

Garrett Rowden

That smile says it all...Will Smith ladies n gents

Jason Long

This may or may not have happened...

VERY sexual

Joe Jones



Middlebrooks finally gettin' some time off organizing and gettin' some shred time

Joe hiking the rope back

Late night picnic table sesh


Jonny Liles

Another good photo moment with the nautique

Smith Creek

Get emmmm


Lake times


Mastercraft 40th anniversary edition X-star towin' the comp

Luker keepin the mic goin

Spy Trons...DOPE

the MAN of the weekend

Red Bull blessed us with their presence

If there's a wakeboard tourny, you know there is Jager in the midst

T.J. really knows how to ruin a good photo moment

I wish I knew who this was

Lightning McQueen FOR THE WIN!!!

"Alabama water sports screwed me over" idea

The 70 year old wakeskate slayer!

Phil Aslinger

Zane Schwenk

Matt Clendenin

Party central


Ben Watts

Ben Watts

Ben Watts

Weston to the rescue




Even the kids were in the spirit of things

Load up dock


T.J. Allen n Weston

Joe Jones

Watching the action


Miss Haley Smith and Mark Marbot

There were a couple boats out


The cookie monster saved many lives

Dirty canadian thoughts....

One lucky man

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