Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gravity Research Compound Steez Film Trip

The bus continues Eastman, GA and Wes Beardens backyard of fun, otherwise known as Gravity Research Compound. The Steez boys got there a day early to get a jump on the filming, and sadly Alex Graydon took a HARD tumble on the big A-frame, so not much riding was done by him, but he still took a few sets like a champ. The chattanooga and boys rolled in friday night and slayed it for the rest of the weekend. The weather held off thankfully so we got lots of riding and filming time.

The skoochbus

J.Otis got a run in between running the ski all day

David Luker on the incline


Luker steezin' out the rooftop

Evening wall set with Jeff Mathis

After slamming an Ice, Danny Burnstein slayed the incline

David Luker jumped on the evening incline session

Meanwhile, Alex Graydon was off being a lumberjack

Jeff Mathis skoochboardin

Another day at GRC comes to an end

Danny Burnstein on the wall

Back lip from Burnstein on the rooftop

After the rooftop, Danny moved over the monstrous A-frame

Chuck Norris fought Wes Bearden once...and lost

Danny Burnstein sessioning the kicker

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