Wednesday, November 9, 2016

PNW Trip

Took 2 weeks to travel around the PNW! Lots of mist and rain, but still a blast!

 Late fall in Colorado

Salt Flats, Utah

Stoked to stretch the legs! 

Mirage? Nope, Salt Flats 


Golden Gate Bridge sunset

Found the Redwoods!

Canyon of Ferns! 

Finally saw some sun!

Not a bad place for a house

Oregon Coast stuff

Sunset trying to peek thru

Coos Bay, OR

Lumber yard 

Bridges and clouds make for a cool combo 


Bro dog being Bro

Stoked to be out of the car!

 My stick

 Pup lyfe

Bro stoked to see the ocean for the first time 

Blow hole 

The hole to where?!

Went and chased a couple waterfalls

If you look, you will find it. 

So many waterfalls in the PNW

Columbia Gorge 

Lots of rain means waterfalls!


Creepy woods

 Vancouver, still grey

Van City

Central America Adventure!

Back in April me and my girlfriend went down to Central America to explore some new places. We did not know what to exactly to expect, but it was nothing but amazing! Here's some photos from some of the awesomeness!
 Ometepe Island, Nicaragua
 Popoyo Beach Hostel evenings

One of the many hammy zones at the Popoyo Beach Hostel

 More hammocks...

Gigante Bay, Nicaragua 

A beach doesn't have to be sandy to be cool 

Another amazing Nicaragua sunset

Gigante Bay Hostel. Awesome place!

Monkey stuff

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica evenings aren't bad at all

Views from Vista de Olas are on point 

Waterfall searching is a must down here 

The views from Vista de Olas were so good, had to go back for round 2. 

Santa Teresa 

Up above the jungle 

This never gets old

Beach fires are good for the soul

Cruising through the Costa Rica country side

Half of a Caribbean sunrise

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
Island Time in Panama

Relaxing at the jungle complex along our Pacuare River trip 

Jungle mornings 

Bird is the word 

Sightseeing along the Pacuare 


Sunsets with babe 

Morning vibes